White MDF - Our Shop

All of our white products are cut from 3mm mdf which is painted white on one side.

We do our best to wipe down any flashing from the laser, but anything that is left is easily removed with a damp smooth cloth (not tissue or kitchen roll).  Make sure the cloth is not too wet as it could affect the mdf.  Do not apply any mositure to the plain side as this is not protected.

There may be some flashing that is unable to be removed but in all of the products we have tested it tends to be on more intricate detailing so we haven't offered products with too much detailed cutting to try and avoid this.

Please be aware that our white products have more of a vintage style to them as the white can sometimes get removed by the laser on the edges.  If there is too much we will replace, but these are not guaranteed to be perfectly white products.

If there is a specific product that we have that is not currently offered in white feel free to ask if it is possible.